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The Soundium Research Platform







In the past, Soundium has been used as a rapid prototyping and research platform for many digital art and entertainment applications. Soundium is currently not available for download.

The Soundium software as a whole consists of two parts: The Soundium management console which consists of

  • a graphical control and programming environment for state manipulation,
  • a interactive design environment,
  • a scripting engine,
  • a media manager for media annotation and retrieval,
  • support for collaborative environments
  • automatic software configuration, media handling
  • an extensible resource access and management system:
    • file system
    • web resources (including web page grabbing / portal login)
    • e-mail (POP3 / IMAP)
    • OBEX (USB, IrDA, Bluetooth)
    • AT commands (USB, IrDA, Bluetooth)
    • Nokia PhoNet
    • Microsoft ActiveSync
    • USB card reader

The Decklight processing engine consists of

  • a highly customisable and modular real-time media processing environment,
  • a unit for automated, multi-threaded rendering of different media types,
  • a programming environment for straight-forward integration of processing units and media types, also through 3rd party libraries,
  • a large set of existing processing units, e.g., scene and video processing graph, audio and music processing, speech processing, various types of I/O (TCP/IP, HTTP, bluetooth, MIDI, etc.).

Publications: Scientific papers and talks related to the Soundium platform.

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