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Soundium is a programming platform and research tool for interactive live media art performance developed since 2001 by the Corebounce Association, a scientist and artist collective, in cooperation with the University of Fribourg, the University of Zürich, and the ETH Zurich. Soundium has a strong design sophistication whose main goal is to overcome and go beyond limitations of existing tools such as Max/Jitter so as to provide the performing artist with novel methods of design manipulation and organization, rather than enforcing the (outdated) graphical programming paradigm. With its extensive support for automated media analysis, media libraries management, combined with a state-of-the-art networked multimedia processing architecture, Soundium deals with an ever increasing need for large scale installations ranging from extended dance gigs to media art installations and performances.

Soundium is currently being further developed at Corebounce and as part of a research project at the Computer Systems Institute of ETH Zurich. It is frequently used by the Corebounce VJing Project “Scheinwerfer” for multimedia installations and performances, for example at the ETH's Digital Art Weeks. In addition, it has been used at Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom company as a rapid prototyping tool for mobile application and service development.

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Soundium3 / Decklight3

Soundium3 and Decklight3 are the latest incarnations of Corebounce's multimedia software familiy. The intense use of their ancestors (Soundium2 and Decklight2) in live multimedia performances and interactive installations has led to new insights and major revisions, which are currently being implemented (in fact, most of them already have been implemented).


Soundium2 is a software system which implements concepts from different areas of multimedia and computer science. For instance, Soundium2 incorporates support for real-time signal processing and multimedia rendering (using the Decklight2 engine), automatic scripting and versioning capabilities and automatic resource handling. It not only serves as an experimental tool for exploring new ideas in computer science in general, but is also frequently used in live multimedia performances and in multimedia art.


Decklight2 is a real-time multimedia processing engine, which can be controlled by the Soundium2 client. The engine supports audio processing, MIDI control, and lightning fast OpenGL rendering. Decklight2 is a part of the Soundium2 software system.


The original Soundium was the result of a pragmatic approach to signal and multimedia processing. → More


Cumulus is a real-time software synthesiser which implements asynchronous grain synthesis. The synthesiser can be controlled via MIDI and its parameters can be set using a convenient GUI. Cumulus is currently being ported to Soundium. → More


The SoundEngine is a digital signal processing server for real-time audio processing. The software is controlled by the Soundium client. → More


Decklight was an ad-hoc VJ system developed for the first Scheinwerfer performance at Rote Fabrik, Zürich, in December 2001. Decklight supported real-time beat-tracking, a UNIX command line like user interface and a number of funky visual effects.

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