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Cumulus is a software-synthesizer with following features:

  • Implements the Asynchronous Grain Synthesis which is very multifaceted.
  • Fully realtime capable.
  • MIDI-Port to Controllerboxes (all parameters can be controlled via MIDI!), Keyboards (Polyphony, 8 voices) and Sequencers.
  • Convenient GUI with drawable envelopes for each parameter.
  • Internal 32 bit sampling resolution and a multiple of the external samplingrate.

Cumulus was originally developed as a parallel application on a cluster of LINUX-workstations. I used a cluster of 7 Pentium-233 nodes, connected by the very fast "Easynet" network which was developed by the Institute of Electronics at the ETH Zuerich (Switzerland). I hacked the code to run on a single PC and I achieve about the same performance on a single modern PC (Thunderbird-800). The code runs on any GLIBC LINUX distribution with QT Devel >= 2.0 (GUI) and AFsp (a library to load and store .wav-files) installed. Note that the code is published under the GNU GPL.

Download (Warning! Read this!)

Link to AFsp (the soundfile library needed by Cumulus):


Documentation (German, very detailed)
Documentation (English, brief)
Theoretical background of Asynchronous Grain Synthesis German English
mp3s and Screenshots of Songs & Sounds created with Cumulus

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