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New Approaches to Interactive Media and Design Editing

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Soundium is a programming platform and research tool for interactive live multimedia performance developed over the last five years by Corebounce Association. Soundium has a strong design sophistication whose main goal is to make many concepts known from “traditional” video editing software (such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere) available to the live performer. With its extensive support for media analysis and management, combined with a networked multimedia processing architecture, Soundium deals with an everincreasing need for large scale installations ranging from extended dance gigs to interactive multimedia performances.

Our talk presents two distinct techniques that are essential for effective interactive live visuals and VJing. The first technique deals with media retrieval and utilization, where computer-assisted application of individual media items permits the interactive control of non-linear editing (NLE) in real-time. The second technique addresses the optimization of the design process by the introduction of the design tree, which collects and organizes the artist’s work in an intuitive way, and unifies the way artwork is dealt with during composition and during performance.

We present examples realized with Soundium, such as the “Digitale Marionette” installation (2004), which included novel control interfaces, speech recognition, and face animation. In addition we will demonstrate how Soundium has been used for numerous VJ performances.

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