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Corebounce is a collective of artists and scientists with the common goal of mediating between arts, science, and technology. We maintain a number of new media projects, where of Scheinwerfer is the most active one. We are organised as a non-profit association and collaborate with a number of partners from education and industry.

Latest News

Scheinwerfer @ Electroziles Festival 2014 (last update Jun 18 2014)

We're happy to be part again at Electroziles Festival, which takes off in Sion from June 19 - June 21. Scheinwerfer and our special members of honour will be providing you with the finest VJ art from dusk till dawn on June 20, together with superb DJ acts such as Derrick May, Mirko Loko, Adolpho & Franky and Nicola Kazimir. Come, join us in Sion for an extraordinary night! Love & Peace.

Happy New Year 2013. The show will go on! (last update Jan 03 2013)

Happy new year to all our friends and supporters. It's been an incredible 2012, with an all-time record activity (check out the gig list) and numerous highlights such as Art Stage Singapore, EPI @ Zouk Singapore, the wild nights at Tunnel Lucerne, and last but not least ZoukOut 2012. So, all right, rock'on and cu in 2013!

R.I.P. Donna (last update May 17 2012)

She was responsible for a lot of kinky disco tunes. The club would not be the same today...

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable Redux, Zouk Edition (last update Apr 06 2012)

We are super excited to present the EPI in Singapore. And which space would be a better fit than Zouk's beautiful Velvet Underground! Be ready for March 17... with our friends Tom Kuo (Toronto), Steve Gibson (Vancouver / Edinburgh), Yazid Dyz (Singapore), Marcellus (Corebounce, Zurich), Sho-B (Corebounce, Zurich), robot_mixeur (Corebounce, Singapore).

Update: Steve has already put pictures of the gig to the official EPI homepage. Thanks Steve & Danial! Also, thanks Zouk, and congrats on your magic number 5 ranking!

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Scheinwerfer at NEoN Digital Arts Festival Dundee (last update Nov 02 2011)

This is really great news: Scheinwerfer will perform with the Utah Saints, DJ Nord, Alan Dobson, and Paul McFarlane, at the closing night of the NEoN Digital Arts Festival in Dundee, Scotland. Expect a bliss of colours and flashes at the legendary Reading Rooms.

Hey saints and sinners, save the date: 12.11.11 @ Reading Rooms, Dundee, Scotland!

Corebounce Singapore Established (last update Jan 19 2011)

After their legendary appearance at Centro360 club in 2003, Corebounce has now established its base in Singapore. In the meantime, we all spent a lot of time in the studio... thus, expect fresh and refurbed appearances of the Canadian-Swiss collaboration "Exploding, Plastic and Inevitable" in the region and elsewhere soon. Locations and details to be announced...

The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable, 2008 - 2010 Editions (last update Sep 01 2010)

April 24, 2008, Chicago, IL, USA
May 22 - 24, 2008, Shanghai, China
May 31, 2008, Vancouver, WA, USA
Aug 01, 2008, San Francisco, CA, USA
Aug 21, 2008, Victoria, BC, Canada
May 29, 2009, Victoria, BC, Canada
Oct 17, 2009, London, UK
Jul 03, 2010, Xi'an, China
Sep 08, 2010, London, UK

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