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Corebounce is a collective of artists and scientists with the common goal of mediating between arts, science, and technology. We maintain a number of new media projects and our own multimedia software research platform, Soundium. The Scheinwerfer project is the most active one, dealing with live visuals performance at electronic dance music events. We are organised as a non-profit association and collaborate with a number of partners from education, in particular with ETH Zürich, and industry.


We are located in Zürich and Lucerne, Switzerland as well as in Singapore. You may contact us via email at


Dr. Pascal Mueller is co-founder and CEO of Procedural Inc, a spin-off company of ETH Zurich. His main interests lie in the field of computer graphics: procedural modeling, generative design, animation, visual effects production pipelines and computer-aided media art. He developed the architectural modeling tool CityEngine and is co-developer of the multimedia engine Soundium. He has published various scientific papers including SIGGRAPH, and his body of artistic work includes videos, short movies, over fifty live visuals performances, and several interactive installations exhibited in museums like the Ars Electronica Center. Pascal Mueller received a master degree in computer science from ETH Zurich in 2001. For two years, he worked as a 3D artist and technical director for the Swiss production company Central Pictures.

robot_mixeur (aka Stefan Müller Arisona) is a Swiss computer scientist, artist, DJ and VJ. He mixes elements from minimal techno, tech house and techno into driving soundscapes and pushing beats. Numerous performances around the globe include Shanghai's legendary Shelter, Zurich's EWZ, Victoria's Open Space, or Chicago's Conway Centre, or the world-famous Zouk club in Singapore, where he was resident VJ from 2011 - 2013 and performed at ZoukOut 2012.

Prof. Dr. Simon Schubiger-Banz is teaching computer graphics at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and was the former head of software development at Esri R&D center in Zurich, Switzerland. He is co-founder of the ETH spin-off company Procedural Inc, acquired 2011 by Esri Inc. Previously, he was lecturing mobile system architectures at ETH Zurich, worked for Swisscom Innovations, and as an associate researcher of the Pervasive and Artificial Intelligence group at the University of Fribourg. His research interests include computer graphics, multimedia performance systems, mobile computing, knowledge representation, programming languages, and user interface design. He is a co-developer of the procedural 3D modeling software CityEngine, Soundium2 multi-media platform and the NOVA software. Simon Schubiger-Banz received a Ph. D. in computer science from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He is a member of the ACM and president of the Corebounce Association.

Dr. Matthias Specht works as a senior software engineer at the R&D Center Zurich for Esri. His research interests include procedural modeling, geometry processing, shape analysis, surface parameterization, audio synthesis and real-time multimedia systems. Matthias received a PhD from the University of Zurich's Morpholab and a MSc in computer science from the ETH Zürich. He is a co-developer of Corebounce Association's multimedia engine Decklight and worked on the Soundweb project for BSS Audio in London, UK.

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Members of Honour

Stéphane Recrosio - The far side manager
Oliver Hitz - He has kept us online for a long time
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