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A full listing of past and future Corebounce works can be found here.

Interactive Production of a Music Video Clip (SIBGRAPI 2006 Video Festival)

Spring 2006, HD-recording

Livin' on Live Video

September 27 2005, HD-recordings

Trax at Rohstofflager Zurich

September 24 2005, Camera (foto-cam, ergo very bad sound quality..)

Electroboy's Legal05 at Rohstofflager Zurich

July 23 2005, Camera (foto-cam, ergo very bad sound quality..)

Digitale Marionette at Museum Bellerive, Zurich

June 11 - Sept 12 2004, produced Movies

Glueckstueck at Bogen 13 Club, Zurich

May 22 2004, HD-recordings

Electronique'03 at Rohstofflager Zurich

August 02 2003, HD-recording

Spotlight at Vulkaro, Zurich

July 18 2003, Camera

Musik Denken Spielen at Konservatorium Zurich

October 26 2002, Camera

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